Since 1973

The journey of a tie maker

The story of Marco Pascali is a tale of persistence, courage, and opportunity. Founded in 1973 and lead by Don Marcos which at the time had already over 15 years working for one of the top tie manufacturers worldwide named "Richel”, soon started to make a name among retailers with his collection as they all saw in the ties quality and design an opportunity to allure new customers that were becoming more demanding season after season.

During the seventies and eighties Don Marco and his team continue to develop the product line, introducing pocket squares, silk scarves as well as the first line of mens wedding accessories. At the same time, points of sale continue to increase not only locally but abroad.  By these times, renown local brands begin to contact Marco Pascali to produce the accessories for their collections, which is a common practice among clothing brands to outsource the production of accessories to specialists. Today we continue to produce accessories for many renowned brands, both locally and internationally.

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